Colorful Handcrafted Kiln Fired Enamel Jewelry



Photo Courtesy of Mercury Jane

Michelle’s chosen medium is Vitreous Enamel.  Enameling is fusing “glass powder” to metal, in her case either copper or fine silver, at a high temperature.   She uses a kiln or torch and fires up to 1500 degrees.  All of her metal has to be first cut and hand formed before enameling.  They say enameling takes an hour to learn and a life time to master.  This is SO true.  Enameling has been likened to painting with sand.  But she has fallen in love with the colors that can be achieved with multiple layers and firings.  The work in her studio has lead to the development of proprietary blends and colorways.  Some of these blends can take as many as 10 firings to achieve.  Our hope is that you enjoy the color as much as we do.  But don’t be surprised to find metal designs showing up too as she expand her skills.