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All jewelry is enameled on either Copper or Fine silver. Enameling is a process of fusing glass to metal, in the case of my work I use Copper or Silver. Each piece is fired multiple times including the back. Most items are made to order so there will be slight variances from the pictures. Sometimes when I am experimenting on a new style the item may be a one of a kind. Also be sure to check measurements. My close-up pictures can look deceptively large.

Click on "Snap Shot" to see larger picture.

Circles and Circles - Enamel
This piece is my version of cloisonne. Fine silver rings and dots were fused to an inverted domed copper disk. The circles are filled with chartreuse green, egg yolk yellow, red, sky blue and black. The background is white. All has been treated to produce a matte finish, yet the silver gleams. The pendant hangs from a Greek leather cord in black with sterling silver findings. Cup width: 1-1/4" Total Length: 18-1/2" with 1" extender.
Price: $32 SOLD

Greek Washer Bead and Dapped Silver Necklaces
Stamped silver disks in various sizes and designs, lightly dapped to form a cup. All combined with Greek ceramic washer beads. 18-1/2" with center drop being a bit over 2". Center large disk measures 1". Alternate View
Price: $78 SOLD

Multi-Stone Fine Silver Chain
Hand made elongated oval links of fused fine silver chain. Stones include: Vesuvianite, Smokey Quartz, Carnelian, Lemon Quartz, Hessonite Garnet, Calcite, Agate, Citrine, Pearl and Jasper.
Price: $140

Rare White Turquoise Necklace
21" total length. Double strand of a so stunning winter white collection of: White Turquoise, Moonstone, Howlite, Fossilized Coral, Pearl, Greek washer and filigree beads. All combined with a textured brass chain. Jumbo hook closure.
Price: $185

Rare White Turquoise Necklace - Multi Strand
18-1/2" total length (drops lower). 3 strands so stunning winter white collection of: White Turquoise, Moonstone, pearl, Naga Shell, Howlite, filigree beads, Greek washer beads. All floating on brass wire. Jumbo hook closure.
Price: $185

Rare White Turquoise Necklace - Silver Woven
20" length. Oh so stunning winter white collection of: White Turquoise, Fossilized Coral, Moonstone, Pearl, Greek washer beads and Karen Hill Tribe silver. Main portion of this necklace is painstakingly woven with silver wire, joining all parts as if hand sewn. Toggle closure.
Price: $299 SOLD

Sterling Net Wrapped Rhodochrosite Necklace
This beeeeutiful hand cut and polished Rhodochrosite stone is one of a kind. I have made a custom net bezel for it. It comes on a 19" sterling chain with a toggle clasp. The pendent measures: 1-3/4" x 7/8" at its widest.
Price: $58 SOLD

Teeny Weeny Bumble Beeny
A deep Blue Enamel fired over white...it just glows. The Necklace is made using Vintaj brass. Including the teeny bumble been charm. Enameled Charm: 5/8" Total drop: 3/4" Total Length: 17-3/4"
Price: $16 SOLD